Motion Light

by The Bruises

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released March 8, 2011



all rights reserved


The Bruises San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Friction
It's a shame that you blame
Everything that you want on me
Don't you see? Don't you see?
It's the same little game that you're too afraid to leave
It's messed up, but I'm clean

Falling on our backs to
Losing our breath to

Between you, between me
There'll never be anything but friction
Inside you, inside me
This love's become and addiction
Nothing but friction. Becoming an addiction.

Yeah I lied to deny everything that you thought I'd be
Don't you see, it's not me?
And I died every time that you couldn't trust in me
It's messed up, and now you're free
Track Name: Let Go
It takes something that I can't be
To hold on this mercifully
Reuse, abuse, old words they flow
I can't, I won't seem to let you go

I saw your ghost walking on the way to the train

I looked, I strayed, I wanted to
It's hard to shake the thought of you
We're wasting time and I can't win
I bet she's wondering where you've been

If you feel bad then I swear I'll get off on the next stop
and if you won't tell then I swear I won't tell anyone
Whoa, better you let go
Whoa, better if I let go
Whoa, better if you let go, better if I let go,
better if we let go.

Round and round we go....
Track Name: Mean What You Say
If you mean what you say when you're talking about
Then I should never have to let you know
And all the meaningless things that you worry about
Sit like a plague on the tip of your tongue

We can talk 'til we're blue or black in the face
Until your pretty little words are just sounds
Because I've heard you before, but I won't anymore
It's not fair for me to live in your doubt

I don't want to fight anymore, but I know that I can
If we're no longer winning, pretend it's the beginning

Can we not get carried away?
Can just stop trying to blame?
Different words to the same old song
I can tell you that it won't be long
We will bleed until this love is gone
Can we not , can we not?!
Track Name: Motion Light
When we clear our mind, I hope
That the next time will better than the last time
Will be better than before.
And all these lessons, I'm taking them as blessings
To make it something more

I can see the road
Covered by the motion light
Guiding me home, not afraid to be alone
But I don't want to go
Unless you are by my side
I don't care who knows
It's never felt so right

I know you hurt inside
but I won't, no I won't
Leave you breaking because I can barely take it
Being far from you
And all these lessons, I'm taking them as blessings
To making something new
Track Name: Whiskey Waltz
Sitting in the bar waiting here 'til it will close
Look me in the eye and ask me what you want to know
Take your time, sip your whiskey slow

I could watch your mouth speaking words all day
Tracing your lips with everything you say
You hold your glass like, I hope you might hold me

I just can't take my eyes off of you

I'm talking too much thinking maybe I should go
Single malt thinking I don't want to be alone
Just pull me in tight, and take me home

I just can't take my hands off of you

Day to night
Night to day
Sleep it off
Will you stay?